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Indeed it is true! You may be able to receive your purchase for free from our site. Since we have opened our network of gift sites we have had thousands of happy customers. Our growth has been steady and we have decided to share in our good fortune and award one customer per week their full purchase for free.

How it works is simple...
We will write down everyone's name that purchased from the week and draw a name at random and fully refund that person for their purchase. It does not make any difference whether you purchased one birthday newspaper or 10 birthday newspapers... The winner will receive a full refund. I have had several people in the past buy all of their printable birthday newspapers all at once and one person even received a $39.92 refund. I think you will agree that not many sites would ever make such an offer...

Each week I will pick one winner at random and apply a full refund to that customer.

I would like to thank our past customers and welcome the new and wish you all the best of luck with our refund program.